Wittensten Fishing MasterThe Wittensten Fishing Master is located in the town of Wittensten and buys some high level raw and cooked fish but does not sell anything.

Wittensten Town

Inventory Edit

Sell is NPC selling to you. Buy is NPC buying from you.

Image Item name Sell Value Buy Value
Raw Baby Whale Raw Baby Whale 456 coins 228 coins
Baby Whale Cooked Baby Whale 682 coins 341 coins
Raw Blue Marlin Raw Blue Marlin 558 coins 279 coins
Blue Marlin Cooked Blue Marlin 210 coins 105 coins
Raw Coelacanth Raw Coelacanth 523 coins 261 coins
Coelacanth Kombu-sushi Coelacanth Kombu-sushi 1024 coins 512 coins
Coelacanth Nori-sushi Coelacanth Nori-sushi 2134 coins 1067 coins
Raw Cowfish Raw Cowfish 228 coins 114 coins
Cowfish Cooked Cowfish 402 coins 201 coins
Raw Deep Sea Octopus Raw Deep Sea Octopus 280 coins 140 coins
Deep Sea Octopus Cooked Deep Sea Octopus 420 coins 210 coins
Raw Giant Catfish Raw Giant Catfish 465 coins 232 coins
Giant Catfish Cooked Giant Catfish 698 coins 349 coins
Raw Gray Shark Raw Gray Shark 256 coins 128 coins
Gray Shark Cooked Gray Shark 382 coins 191 coins
Raw King Seahorse Raw King Seahorse 386 coins 193 coins
King Seahorse Cooked King Seahorse 744 coins 372 coins
Raw Oarfish Raw Oarfish 660 coins 330 coins
Oarfish Kombu-sushi Oarfish Kombu-sushi 1470 coins 735 coins
Oarfish Nori-sushi Oarfish Nori-sushi 3690 coins 1845 coins
Oarfish Dulse-sushi Oarfish Dulse-sushi 4590 coins 2295 coins
Raw Reef Manta Ray Raw Reef Manta Ray 250 coins 125 coins
Reef Manta Ray Cooked Reef Manta Ray 374 coins 187 coins
Raw Spiny Sea Star Raw Spiny Sea Star 322 coins 161 coins
Spiny Sea Star Cooked Spiny Sea Star 484 coins 242 coins
Raw Stonefish Raw Stonefish 582 coins 291 coins
Stonefish Kombu-sushi Stonefish Kombu-sushi 1237 coins 618 coins
Stonefish Nori-sushi Stonefish Nori-sushi 3123 coins 1561 coins
Stonefish Dulse-sushi Stonefish Dulse-sushi 3873 coins 1936 coins
Raw sturgeon Raw Sturgeon 536 coins 268 coins
Sturgeon Kombu-sushi Sturgeon Kombu-sushi 1124 coins 562 coins
Sturgeon Nori-sushi Sturgeon Nori-sushi 2604 coins 1302 coins
Raw Sunfish Raw Sunfish 616 coins 308 coins
Sunfish Cooked Sunfish 924 coins 462 coins
Raw Whale Shark Raw Whale Shark 498 coins 299 coins
Whale Shark Cooked Whale Shark 733 coins 366 coins