Sand can be obtained through Using a Spade at a Sand pit. At Mining Lvl 1; Sand has a 35% chance to be obtained.


Sand pit

Sand pits also yield a rarer secondary item, Uncut Crystal. These Require level 5 mining to begin collecting.

Sand pits are located in desert areas such as Dorpat near the outpost and throughout Reval among other locations. Nearest to your chest is one just north of the town of Reval.

Sand can be used to create empty vials at a furnace, all require 2 sand to smelt. during the smelting process, it is impossible to determine which vial shall be created during the smelting process. if you are the appropriate level then you have a chance at smelting any size withing your level range.
Vial Lvl required
Empty Small Vial 1
Empty Medium Vial 30
Empty Large Vial 50
Empty Superior Vial 65