Rakblood Fishing Master The Rakblood Fishing Master is located outside the town of Rakblood to the east.

Rakblood is a lv 26+ recommended area.

Rakblood Town

Inventory Edit

Sell is NPC selling to you. Buy is NPC buying from you.

Image Item Name Sells Sell Value Buy Value
Fishing Guild
Yes 98K coins 49K coins
Iron Fishing Rod Yes 2860 coins 1430 coins
Raw Jellyfish Yes 62 coins 31 coins
Cooked Jellyfish Yes 92 coins 46 coins
Raw Lion Fish Yes 82 coins 41 coins
Raw Sand Crab Yes 92 coins 46 coins
Raw Seahorse Yes 110 coins 55 coins
Wooden Harpoon Wooden Harpoon No 1,800 coins 900 coins
Lion Fish Cooked Lion Fish No 124 coins 63 coins
Sand Crab Cooked Sand Crab No 136 coins 68 coins
Seahorse Cooked Seahorse No 164 coins 82 coins
Raw Eel Raw Eel No 125 coins 62 coins
Eel Cooked Eel No 188 coins 94 coins
Raw Mud Crab Raw Mud Crab No 120 coins 60 coins
Mud Crab Cooked Mud Crab No 178 coins 89 coins
Raw Angelfish Raw Angelfish No 126 coins 63 coins
Angelfish Cooked Angelfish No 186 coins 93 coins
Raw Common Starfish Raw Common Starfish No 132 coins 66 coins
Common Starfish Cooked Common Starfish No 200 coins 100 coins
Raw Red Star Raw Red Star No 138 coins 69 coins
Red Star Cooked Red Star No 206 coins 103 coins
Raw Lobster Raw Lobster No 158 coins 79 coins
Cooked Lobster Cooked Lobster No 238 coins 129 coins
Raw Swordfish Raw Swordfish No 170 coins 85 coins
Cooked Swordfish Cooked Swordfish No 256 coins 128 coins
Raw Squalidae Raw Squalidae No 192 coins 96 coins
Squalidae Cooked Squalidae No 286 coins 143 coins
Raw Cowfish Raw Cowfish No 228 coins 114 coins
Cowfish Cooked Cowfish No 342 coins 171 coins
Raw Manta Ray Raw Manta Ray No 198 coins 99 coins
Manta Ray Cooked Manta Ray No 298 coins 199 coins