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Rakblood contains several monsters of varying levels, as well as locations for mining and fishing. The map consists of three primary areas which include, the Golem Maze, City island, and Grass lands with conjoining snowy right corner. The city of Rakblood can be found on the middle of the center brown and green island and is surrounded by water and a stone wall; access to the city is made by crossing a single wooden bridge. When arriving in Rakblood from Whiland, the player will encounter two Bronze Golems level 26 which cannot be avoided when traveling to the City of Rakblood; except when traveling to Narwa, all other monsters can be avoided with enough Combat Level. Rakblood is the home of the starfish.


Other than using a Scroll or potion, Rakblood can be entered on foot by either using the...

  • Ladder (down) located in Whiland (71,46) arrives in Rakblood (39,21).
  • Ladder (up) located in Narwa (19, 81) arrives in Rakblood (87, 91)


Access to Rakblood Town from Whiland is blocked 2 Combat Level 26 Bronze Golems (directly, more if Aggro)

Access to Narwa from Rakblood is blocked by 3 Combat Level 92 Rock Spirits (Aggro).


For the 10th kill quest "Mining Some Golems Part 1" the recommended location to kill Bronze Golems is Rakblood.

For the 13th kill quest "Explore Explorers", the recommended location to kill Explorers is Rakblood.

For the 17th kill quest "Mining some Golems Part 2" the recommended location to kill Iron Golems is Rakblood.


Check the entire List of NPCs.

Name Location
Rakblood Alchemist Rakblood Alchemist Main City
Rakblood Magician Rakblood Magician Main City
Rakblood Shopkeeper Rakblood Shopkeeper Main City
Rakblood Jeweler Rakblood Jeweler Main City
Rakblood Potion Master Rakblood Potion Master Main City
Rakblood Blacksmith Rakblood Blacksmith Main City
Rakblood Fishing Master Rakblood Fishing Master World Map (47,76)


Check the entire Monster list.

Name Level Health Accuracy Strength Defence
Thief 25 22 30 18 30
Bronze Golem
Bronze Golem 26 34 20 30 20
Assassin 31 26 40 18 40
Explorer 38 38 45 24 45
Dark Orc
Dark Orc 47 38 60 50 40
Iron Golem
Iron Golem 48 52 60 30 50
Coal Golem
Coal Golem 63 52 50 50 100
Steel Golem
Steel Golem 73 92 80 40 80
Mutated Hydra
Mutated Hydra 84 86 110 50 90
Rock Spirit
Rock Spirit 92 92 110 66 100
Emerald Dragon
Emerald Dragon 95 120 100 60 100
Giant Troll
Giant Troll 108 92 140 70 130
Azure Golem
Azure Golem 122 180 115 85 108


Check the entire Tree list.

Name Loots Level XP
Dead Tree
Dead Tree - - -
Willow Tree
Willow Tree Willow Log 20 18


Rakblood is an excellent place to train the Mining skill. Within the Golem Maze can be found Tin, Iron, Coal and White Gold. When storing ores in the city chest, the player must kill at least 3 Bronze Golem when traveling to and from Iron Ore or White Gold, and 2 Bronze Golems when mining Iron or Coal. If mining Iron without combat is the players sole desire (as it saves time to continue mining), it is recommended to mine Iron in Dorpat Skeleton Dungeon and store ores in the Dorpat Outpost Chest.

Name Loots Level XP
Copper Vein
Copper Ore
1 10
Iron ore
Iron Ore
25 20
Coal Ore
40 35
Tin Ore
1 10
White Gold
White Gold Chunk-0
White Gold Chunk
55 50