NPCs, or Non-Playable Characters, define any actor or character that can not be controlled or played by a human. Some examples would include shopkeepers, trainers, enemies and bosses.


Buys and Sells Buys Only

Dorpat Shopkeeper

TomatoRat MeatChicken LegHam

Leather HelmetRed CapeBlue CapeLeather BootsLeather Gloves

Fishing Master

Dorpat Fishing Master

Fishing RodFishing NetRaw PerchRaw TroutRaw SardineRaw PikeRaw Blue Marine FishRaw Salmon

Raw Pearl ClamCooked PerchTroutSardinePikeBlue Marine FishSalmonRaw BassCooked BassRaw Baby SquidBaby SquidRaw JellyfishJellyfish


TraderDorpat Outpost Trader

Woodcutter's AxeIron PickaxeForging HammerSpadeRat MeatChicken LegHamTomato

Blunt SwordFir Log

BlacksmithDorpat Blacksmith Forging HammerIron PickaxeCopperTinBronze DaggerBronze HelmetBronze SwordBronze BootsBronze ShieldBronze GlovesBronze ChainmailBronze Battle AxeBronze Large ShieldBronze PlatemailBronze PantsBone HelmetBone ArmorBone Shield

Bronze BarLow Weapon Enchant ScrollLow Armor Enchant ScrollLow Wings Enchant ScrollLow Jewelry Enchant ScrollBronze Full Helmet


Dorpat Jeweler

ChiselJewelry Guild PermissionClayIron RingIron AmuletSilver RingSilver NecklaceSilver Sapphire RingSilver Sapphire NecklaceSilver Emerald Necklace

Ring MouldNecklace MouldSilver ChunkSilver BarUncut SapphireCut SapphireUncut High Grade EmeraldCut EmeraldUncut RubyCut RubyUncut DiamondCut DiamondUncut AmethystCut AmethystUncut Black OpalCut Black OpalUncut JadeiteCut JadeiteSilver Emerald RingSilver Ruby RingSilver Diamond RingSilver Ruby NecklaceSilver Diamond NecklaceEnchanted Silver Sapphire RingEnchanted Silver Emerald RingEnchanted Silver Ruby RingEnchanted Silver Diamond RingEnchanted Silver Sapphire NecklaceEnchanted Silver Emerald NecklaceSilver Ruby NecklaceSilver Diamond Necklace

Silver (Ruby/Diamond) Necklaces have wrong .png file

Weapon Merchant

Dorpat Weapon Merchant

Enchanted Bronze DaggerEnchanted Blunt SwordEnchanted Bronze SwordEnchanted Bronze Battle AxeEnchanted Bone DaggerEnchanted Bone Long Sword
Pet Trader

Dorpat PetTrader

Gray Dog (Common)Donkey (Common)Brown Dog (Common)

Gray Wolf (Common)Medusa (Common)Brown Wolf (Common)


Dorpat Magician

Dorpat TeleportWizard RobeWizard HatWizard Robe BottomSmall Magic PouchWooden StaffBronze WandFlash BoltAir BoltEarth Bolt

Flash Bolt MedallionAir Bolt MedallionEarth Bolt MedallionWater Bolt MedallionFire Bolt Medallion

Magic Crafter

Dorpat Magic Crafter

Cotton FabricNeedle For Robe BottomsNeedle For BootsNeedle For RobesNeedle For HatsNeedleThread


Dorpat Lumberjack

Fir LogOak LogWoodcutter's Axe

Furniture Master

Dorpat Furniture Master

Fir FloorOak Wood FloorFir ChairOak ChairFir WallOak WallFir TableOak TableFir ChestOak ChestFir CabinetOak CabinetFir BedOak Bed

Dorpat Farmer

Island DeedRakeMortar and PestleGreen Leaf SeedGrass SeedHay SeedCotton SeedYellow Leaf SeedTomato SeedWheat SeedApple Tree Seed


Breeding Master

Dorpat Breeding Master

Gray Werewolf (Common)Brown Werewolf (Common)Dark Guru (Common)Swamp Guru (Common)Warg (Rare)Disembodied Spirit (Common)Demon (Rare)Undead Donkey (Rare)Royal Donkey (Common)Hinny (Common)Royal Horse (Rare)
Armor MerchantDorpat Armor Merchant Enchanted Bronze ChainmailEnchanted Bronze PantsEnchanted Bronze ShieldEnchanted Bronze Large ShieldEnchanted Bone Shield

Reval Edit

Buys and Sells Buys Only

Reval Shopkeeper