Magic Pouches are required to cast Spells in combat, dealing Magic Damage.

Magic PouchesEdit

Pouch Magic Lvl Slots Obtained From Extra Stats
Small Magic Pouch: Small Magic Pouch 1 1 Dorpat Magician / Dwarf Mage / Good Present
Beginner Magic Book: Beginner Magic Book 30 1 Merlin / Young Grendalf / Grendalf The Grey / Good Present / Great Present -5% cooldown
Enchanted Beginner Magic Book: Enchanted Beginner Magic Book 30 1 Enchanting a Beginner Magic Book -8% cooldown
Medium Magic Pouch: Medium Magic Pouch 30 2 Snow Gungan Priest / Merlin / Young Grendalf / Grendalf The Grey / Good Present / Great Present / MOS: Magician Starter Pack
Apprentice Magic Book: Apprentice Magic Book 60 2 Zeus / Pyrohydra / Death Energy / Great Present / Best Present -10% cooldown
Enchanted Apprentice Magic Book: Enchanted Apprentice Magic Book 60 2 Enchanting an Apprentice Magic Book -13% cooldown
Large Magic Pouch: Large Magic Pouch 60 3 Zeus / Great Present / Best Present
Superior Magic Pouch: Superior Magic Pouch 75 4 Expert Magician Pack / Best Present / Legendary Present
Santa's Bag: Santa's Bag 85 5 Rare Present +75 armor
Rose Pouch: Rose Pouch 85 5 Rare Present / Jewelry +40 aim, -3% spell cooldown
Elemental pouch: Elemental Pouch 90 5 Forging

Containers Edit


Example of 2 spells casting simultaneously to add to damage.

A spell pouch holds a certain number of casts, based on size. Not just the slots of spell. In addition, if you put multiple types of spells into the pouches, they'll all cast simultaneously. This increases your DPS and your XP/Hour and also allows you to take on higher level monsters without being killed before running away.

Each pouch can hold 1,000 casts of a spell per number of slots it has. Thus a Medium Magic Pouch with 2 slots can hold 2000 casts of Earth Missile and 2000 casts of Fire Missile, both spells will fire simultaneously, adding as much as 16 damage per combat round.


Example of 2 spells in 1 pouch with multiple casts.


Notes Edit

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