Equipment is worn for combat, but to use most items such as crafting materials or tools they must be equipped as well. All combat stats, Health, Defense, Accuracy, Strength, Magic and Archery are used as a requirement for equipment. Most pets require Health to equip except the four Skill Donkeys which require level 20 in their respective skills. There are currently 12 different equipment "slots".

Item slot name (equipment types) - Listed in order of left to right from the visual equipment mod:

Notes Edit

Temporary effects like Potions that boost your stats can not be used to equip an item. You must have the skill leveled to the requirement to equip an item.

Currently Potion of Preservation is the only preservation item.

Most crafting materials go to the right hand, however there are some exceptions where a recipe calls for 2 materials and second material is marked for the left hand.