Dorpat Blacksmith

The Dorpat Blacksmith is an NPC that can be found in Dorpat Town

Item ListEdit

Dorpat Blacksmith Inventory
Item Value
Forging Hammer 404 coins
Iron Pickaxe 200 coins
Copper 35 coins
Tin 35 coins
Bronze Bar 65 coins
Low Weapon Enchant Scroll 3,000 coins
Low Armor Enchant Scroll 3,000 coins
Low Wings Enchant Scroll 3,000 coins
Low Jewelry Enchant Scroll 3,000 coins
Bronze Dagger 132 coins
Bronze Helmet 260 coins
Bronze Short Sword 198 coins
Bronze Boots 260 coins
Bronze Shield 262 coins
Bronze Gloves 130 coins
Bronze Chainmail 390 coins
Bronze Battle Axe 394 coins
Large Bronze Shield 358 coins
Bronze Platemail 644 coins
Bronze Full Helmet 430 coins
Bronze Pants 390 coins
Bone Helmet 572 coins
Bone Gloves 388 coins
Bone Armor 1,020 coins
Bone Shield 1,200 coins