Cesis Fishing Master The Cesis Fishing Master is located in the town of Cesis and buys some fishing gear as well as some raw and cooked fish. He only sells the Fishing Net and Cage.

Cesis Town

Inventory Edit

Sell is NPC selling to you. Buy is NPC buying from you.

Image Item name Sells Sell Value Buy Value
Fishing Net Yes 100 coins 50 coins
Cage Yes 160 coins 80 coins
Wooden Harpoon Wooden Harpoon No 1,800 coins 900 coins
Raw White Shark Raw White Shark No 210 coins 105 coins
Cooked White Shark Cooked White Shark No 316 coins 158 coins
Raw Dolphin Raw Dolphin No 220 coins 110 coins
Dolphin Cooked Dolphin No 328 coins 164 coins
Raw Rock Squid Raw Rock Squid No 226 coins 113 coins
Rock Squid Cooked Rock Squid No 338 coins 169 coins
Raw King Crab Raw King Crab No 326 coins 163 coins
King Crab Cooked King Crab No 488 coins 244 coins
Raw Giant Squid Raw Giant Squid No 234 coins 118 coins
Giant Squid Cooked Giant Squid No 352 coins 176 coins
Raw Hammer Shark Raw Hammer Shark No 240 coins 120 coins
Hammer Shark Cooked Hammer Shark No 360 coins 180 coins