The Archangel is an aggressive CL 70 NPC monster located in the Clouds. It has minor resistance to both magic and melee with a magic and melee block of 15.


"Angels Deserve To Die", is the twenty-fourth quest in the game. Requiring 120 Archangel kills to complete, 1 out of 3 rewards will be chosen to be given at random upon completion; these will either be...

- 3 MOS

- 1,987 Exp

- 6,534 Coins

Drops Edit

Loot Crate Drops Loot Crate
Item Chance Adjusted
Angel Feather Angel Feather 5.00% ??
Cooked Bass Cooked Bass 5.00% ??
Low Weapon Enchant Scroll Low Weapon Enchant Scroll 0.50% ??
Iron Scimitar Iron Scimitar 0.25% ??
Light Peacekeeper Light Peacekeeper 0.25% ??
Silver Sapphire Necklace Silver Sapphire Necklace 0.25% ??
Silver Sapphire Ring Silver Sapphire Ring 0.25% ??
Steel Gloves Steel Gloves 0.25% ??
Potion Of Preservation Potion Of Preservation 0.15% ??
Repeat Quest Permission Repeat Quest Permission 0.15% ??
Silver Diamond Ring Silver Diamond Ring 0.10% ??