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• 2/21/2018

In-Game Help

If you have any questions and may be stuck in the game, don't hesitate to ask a game moderator!
Mods' text is in dark green and they are there to help out our player community.
If you do not wish to talk out right in the public chat, you can always private message a mod by whispering to them, and only the two of you can see it!
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• 11/27/2017

Welcome to Discussions!

This is the place to talk about your favorite topic, to share news, theories, ideas, and to connect with others. The content from your Forum has been converted to Discussions posts, so nothing has been lost.

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Have fun!
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• 3/7/2017


which spells do you use? best spells vs. cost vs. cast time?
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• 8/6/2016

NPC Trading

how do I sell stuff to the npc merchants ?
(I'm in the first area after the tutorial)
thanks for any help.
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• 3/16/2016


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• 10/26/2015


Hey there,
I'm Lord Virane, and I have been around wikia for a good few years now. I would just like to say that I am looking at coming to edit some stuff on this wiki. I have plenty of experience with html and css, so I can probably answer some questions. I am a big fan of RPG MO, and have been playing for a year and half now, and have basically decided to help out around here.
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• 9/13/2015


Is it possible to trade with a specific player or is the only way to trade through the Market?
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• 6/4/2015

Game Suggestions

I have played many RPG games and have many insights into what I would like to see added, in my opinion, to enhance the in-game experience.  NOTE:  Other games may be referenced to create a better understanding of the suggestion.
1. What you don't know, you can't know.  This referrs to the proverbial "Fog of War" where you can only see on your map where you have actually already been.  This has been done fairly well on Diablo I and Diablo II.  This 'exploring the land' is part of what playing a "whole world game" is partly all about.  If you know where everything is at the beginning, you are only trudging through without learning.  This option could be accomplished by finding, or being given, a map paper of Dorpat during the tutorial which may show just the outline of the area without details and those would be filled in as you explore the world.  Wizardry 8 has a means to also add personal notation to the overhead map in addition to the automatic information such as is currently contained in the available Wiki.  By the way, the Wiki is great but needs to be learned and not just provided.
2.  Creature stats.  Only after you have eliminated a creature could you know their health stat and only after they have dropped an item could you know that they carry that item.  These are currently knowable through the Wiki but should be learnable through actual battle.  Perhaps an enhancement on a riing or even a piece of armor (forgable) when worn would allow other information to be learned such as 'DEF', 'ACC', etc.  Each time a new drop occurs, your personal Wiki info would be updated for your future reference.  The enhancement could be a drop and forging would be a means of attaching the enhancement to the chosen item always with a chance of failing which would only destroy the enhancement and not the item.  Eh, you took a shot.  It didn't work.  Better luck next time.  Add these to your 'Book of Enhancements' which takes up only one slot in you chest and would be catagorized by the stats they enhance.
3.  Books of learning and recipes.  Initially, your trainer would give you a recipe for what they are teaching such as "Mining:  Two sand may forge into a small vial".  As a part of your first quests, finding books on Forging, Crafting, Carpentry, etc, would activate the in-game Wiki mod for that skill and your recipes which start out taking up space in your inventory would transfer into the book when you bring the book to the forge or fire pit or anvil, etc.  Having the recipe in your inventory would add 2.5% to your success rate.  Putting it in your book adds 5% to your success rate.  Finding another copy and putting it into your book would each add an additional 5% untill you reach 100% (or 95% since nobody is perfect) as a master for that recipe (adding more after max does nothing, so don't even waste your time).  A new player could sell his first copies for easy early cash and once sold the drop rate would reset as if he/she never picked it up.  Drop rates begin at some predetermined rate and reduce as you find more copies.  As far as weapons and armor are concerned, instead of selling them, you could take them to a forge and 'break them down' for the first one to create a basic % chance of making the item and both your skill level and finding a recipe paper would contrbute to a greater chance of success.  Also finding recipes for the higher end equipment would be possible once you reach the appropriate level and complete quests or eliminate creatures who wear that gear or carry that recipe.
4. Movement.  As a game design limitation, diagonal movement isn't possible but this isn't a drawback, just a condition of the game.  However, when moving to a square which is diagonal to your current position, whether you first move 'up' then 'right' or 'right' then 'up', could put you in a battle with a nearby monster.  Using the 'wasd' keys is massively helpful in these situations to avoid a fight or to intentionally start one.  What I would like to see is that if you are on a path and you select a location also on that path furthest away from you, that your character stays on the path when moving the entire distance.  This wouldn't effect crossing a path from a non-path tile to any other even if your character moves over multiple path tiles during the trip.  This would also only effect those times when the entire journey is visible to you in the current window.  Selecting a path destination from a path tile when not in full view would cause the character to go 'cross country' to make that trip.  This is similar to being outside of the town of Reval while gathering sand.  When you get far enough south to see the path into the town, you can click in the town and watch your guy walk down, over and up to the end location faster than if you did it manually by clicking section by section or using the 'wasd' keys.
5.Technology.  Well, really, there is none.  Call me crazy, and many have, but tech, or inovation, would make the game less time intensive but more creative.  If you were able to create a mining operation for sand which would automatically dig and deposit it into your chest, you would be freed to persue other aspects of the world.  But, as soon as you automate, perhaps at a very high mining level, your sand would no longer be sellable on the in-game market and anything made with that sand would also not be sellable.  Diablo I has a glitch where a player can drop an item on the ground, walk away from it some distance and then click on the item.  The character walks over to the item and it is automatically picked up and put into inventory if it will fit.  However, if the player clicks on a potion or scroll in the speed slots at the bottom of the screen at the right moment, two items are created.  One goes into inventory and the other is held by the player and can be dropped on the ground or, if a potion or scroll, placed in the speed slots directly.  So long as the duplicate item remains in the characters inventory, the item can be worn, drunk, cast or sold.  But when it and another copy is removed from inventory and put on the ground, one of them is destroyed for being a copy.  This also happens when duplicate rings are worn and the player dies.  You can duplicate money but can't leave it on the ground as the duplicate would be destroyed.  You can effectively launder money by duplicating an expensive item and then selling the item (keeping one copy for future laundering needs).  I mention the Diablo glitch since the marker attached to a duplicate item could be incorporated into automated materials to keep them from being mixed with manually harvested goods.
Automating sand would not automate mining tin.  Automating tin would not automate copper, etc.  Perhaps, then, a max quantity of base materials would be available for use, say, 500 units, which would then resupply as you use them to make your equipment or furnature or jewelry molds (perhaps limit molds to 10 or 20 with a slow recovery rate giving the player time to find the ingrediants and recipes to make the jewelry).  So, to recap, you begin digging sand, mining tin + copper and chopping fir trees.  You turn sand into small vials, tin + copper into brass bars and fir trees into fir logs for making weapons and armor.  You fill the vials with water to make soil to farm (at least filling the vials with water is 100% successful).  You then automate the sand to small vials filled with water so that now, when you farm, you can concentrate on farming and not harvesting the raw materials to supply the farming.  There will be a refresh rate on the operation.  If you have one sand mining operation, one sand unit per minute of game time and having two would produce two untis per minute, etc. limited only by the number of sand piles available in the game and the 500 units per space available in the chest.  You will have to build each automatied unit and find the next available mining location to increase your production rate.  Most players who reach level 20 in forging will find that they no longer even harvest tin or copper and over level 40 they stop mining iron as you begin making better equipment without those base materials.  Automating tin, copper, iron and beyond becomes useless while sand and timber is continuously needed and automating these makes sense.  Making the island bigger and having more tree material available, players could build mansions or castles as an aside to making a stonger fighting character.
I have never played Second Life, but people there create clothing and accessories among other items and while they sell these pixels for Earth world money, it is the creativity I am interested in.  In this game, once a player reaches a high enough level, just walking around eliminating pixel monsters becomes a non issue.  Once fully automated, each player could develope their island to an insane degree of complexity and perhaps make it possible for players to create new, custom, in-game items.  Using Minecraft, people have created working memory circuits, the Starship Enterprize, massive buildings and that is just using cubes of varrying types and colors.
These are just my opinions and suggestions for future modifications published here for your consideration only and are not meant to lessen the existing game in any way.  As Mr. Spock has never said (provide a reference if you know of it) "There are always possibilities".
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• 6/1/2015

Game Suggestions III

More Character Movement:  So you've explored an area and the 'fog of war' (previous suggestion) has been lifted and now you want to go across the land to a specific location visible on your area map.  What would be neat is targeted locations, i.e. way points, placeable in the area map view and indicated by a floating arrow in game play view.  Sort of a 'plot your course' on the maze type lands or even just a single 'destination marker' in the open lands.  Once your character arrives at the nearest marker, the next one takes over until you reach your destination.  Just a fancy navigational tool I thought would be neat to have.
Talk Bubbles:  It is one thing to have the chat window open at the bottom of the screen, but mostly, I like to see the entire playing field while running around doing stuff.  And if my chat window is closed, will I even know I have a whisper?  One upgrade would be a chat bubble over the characters head in the playing field.  These are cartoon characters after all.  You wouldn't have one every time you type in the chat window but only if specifically chosen before typing similar to the $$ and EN options currently available.  Ignoring another player would keep you from seeing their chat bubble.
Player to Player trades:  Obviously, if I want to sell something, I don't care who gets it.  But if I want to give or trade with one specific player, is that option possible?  Perhaps even an in-town trader where both players engage the trader at the same time, and the items to be traded, including coin if that is their choice, is placed in the offer boxes and when both agree, the trade is made.
Forging:  Currently, if a forging recipe is know and I have the proper matreials and I select the recipe, the materials are loaded into the forge space and the 'make' button appears.  Great.  But if I don't have the proper materials available, all known recipies are selectable (none greyed out) but there is nothing which would tell me what I am missing to use that recipe.  Perhaps this would work.  Using the 'pg up' and 'pg dn' buttons on your keyboard, the various recipies could be cycled through with each ones' conviguration being shown greyed out in the forge window and when you decide on the appropriate one to make, a 'load materials' button would allow you to fill the forge and then 'make' the item selected.  Also, an experience value could be displayed if a player is trying to maximise hie expirience points or even all known wiki info could be displayed to the right of the forge grid just as the wiki does but also include the selling price.
Wiki Menu Windows:  The Wiki information is wonderful and a great asset for any player who uses that resource for informaiton.  Thei only peeve I have with it is that as you scroll down a lengthly list, the header dissappears and you have to scroll all the way back to the top in order to close the window.  Making the header and the columns information separate from the scrolling information would not only make it possible to close the window anytime you are finished looking, but the column info would always be visible and not become just a series of numbers which you can't remember what they mean after scrolling down even a few pages.  This relates to the in-game Wiki mod.  On these wikia pages, having a 'floating header' would be helpful in the same manor.  The header would not go off screen at the top of the page until you have scrolled down the entire listing and dissapears with the last item on the list.
TTFN - Ta Ta For Now
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• 5/31/2015

Game Suggestions II

Especially for the new players, adding a 'w, a, s and d' to the center of the sides of the playing grid would provide players with that movement option in a simple, straight forward manner.  That display could be turned off in the 'Options' menu.
Resources:  It is obvious that due to the number of players and the potential for ever increasing volume, keeping mining resources 'unlimited' is essential to game play.  However, it looks as if the trees, being of different sizes, were, initially at least, to be limited in their production such that a small fir might allow 5 logs per tree and the tree would disappear (just as a MOB does when eliminated) and the next larger tree might yield 10 logs etc.  The trees would respawn just like the MOB, but simply standing in front of any tree and harvesting until inventory is full seems less realistic.  While multiple players may chop the same tree, it would depleat twice as fast with two and replenish soon enough.  Also, chopping trees to get to secret areas could then be an option.
Better in-game instructions:  It is great that a jewelry trainer will tell you that you need to make a ring mold before you can make jewelry and telling you how to make it, but after you make one, his telling you the same thing doesn't help you make your first ring.  And after reaching the appropriate level, learning how to make the necklace mold seems to be essential to continuing the jewelry making process.  After that, I refer you to the previous suggestion of having recepie pages for how to make grander and more useful equipment.  This in-game learning system, to me, is essential to playing any game.  I was, and still am, frustrated by Diablo II as it requires continuously leaving the game to learn about rune words and Horadric Cube combinations (similar to the forge) that although I like the game play (Diablo I is better - especially if they eliminated the duplication cheat) I don't play the game very much because of this.  I do have a notebook with recepies for the various combinations but it really should be an in-game virtual notebook.
Action dialog:  Eating a tomato or a chicken leg, as it restores very little in the way of life points, and then reading "You feel a bit better" seems appropriate.  However, eating a +15 HP meal or six salmon in a row should elicit a more original observation:  Ah, a meal fit for a naive. or This isn't a buffet, you know. or just 'burp'.  This idea comes from the original Warcraft by Blizzard where continuously clicking on any character elicits different responses the more you click including: Huh. Whaaaat. and Quit touching me. among others.  Zug, Zug.
Selling equipment:  Boy, am I upset.  I spent hours mining and forging to be a high enough level to make Iron Platemail (seven attempts) and Iron Excalibur (first times a charm) and then went to sell all of the other, lesser iron equipment in Revel and was thouroughly disgusted when I found I had inadvertantly sold the Iron Platemail I had so dilligently crafted - and it was equipped at the time.  Ok, it did only take two more attempts to replace it, but that's not the point.  Equipped armor and weapons should not be able to be sold right off of your back.  Unequipping should be manditory or at least a warning presented during the sale:  "That armor is currently equipped.  Do you still wish to sell?"  Sell all, when you have more than one and only one is equipped would only sell those not equipped and the warning would not be necessary, only when trying to sell the last one that is equipped would trigger the message.
Equipping the various tools:  I know, if you are not holding it, you can't use it.  I get that.  And maybe the first time you use an ax or a forging hammer, you should have to equip it to use it.  But after that, having it in your immediate inventory aught to be enough to enable its use automatically.  If I am mining under Dorpat with pick in hand and I accidentally bump a Vampire, so long as I had a weapon in the inventory, it should be swapped for the pick or at least have the option, like in Diablo II and other games, of two weapons configurations (selecting some key to switch between them) giving me a fighting chance.  It could take too long to open the inventory and then find the sword and then select . . oh, I just died, sorry.  Or when mining, you select the item or items you want to smelt and when you are done you go to your chest to get the hammer then get to the forge and now you need to reopen the inventory to enable the hammer. . .I mean really, I just went and got it out, do you really think I did that without intending to use it?  By the way, only the left hand woudl be affected.  Any armor you are carrying would remain in the backpack and must be equipped manually.
Inventory management - instant movement:  I now have a pet.  And if my pet inventory is open, selecting any item switches that item to the other inventory box, mine and his/hers/theirs.  When I go to my chest, it should initially function in the same manner and when I open the chest, my personal backpack should also open.  Single clicking on any item switches one item to the other inventory space.  I can always select the bottom buttons too and move some or all.  Obviously, if I select a chest item (which contains all of the possible items I have) and there are none in my backpack, the process works just as it does now.  But now that I think about it, why does the chest have a space for an item that isn't contained in it?  If I have one helmet and I am wearing it, how does it also take up space in the chest?  It shouldn't and with the single click movement, it wouldn't have to.  The chest would only be full when one or more of each type of item is put in and would not have 'dead space' for those items which are currently only located in the backpack when removed from the chest.  I like that things stack in the chest, but a stack of zero shouldn't take up space.
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• 4/28/2015

"What's the Best Place For....?"

I've noticed over the months I've been playing that a common question is "Where's the best place to(Forge,cook,etc.)". In the interest of collecting the shared wisdom of the World Of MO, Helping out new players, and creating a reference page of such information, I'm collecting what you think Is relevant.
So, If you would like to help here's your chance! 
Thanks Everybody!
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